ENSURE Adult Nutrition Milk Powder Vanilla Flavor 850g

Abbott Amino is a special nutritional product made by recombining various nutrients needed according to human health needs, which contains more nutrients needed by human body than commercially available milk, and provides a comprehensive and balanced supplement to the body’s nutritional needs.


Product Features

Abbott Amino is a special nutritional product made by recombining various nutrients needed according to human health needs, which contains more nutrients needed by human body than commercially available milk, and provides a comprehensive and balanced supplement to the body’s nutritional needs.

1、It contains 24 kinds of vitamins and minerals required by human body every day and other balanced nutrients to regulate physiological functions and maintain body health.

2、Excellent high quality protein, balanced ratio of three major nutrients.

3, the formula is more comprehensive and balanced than ordinary milk, when necessary, can be used as the only source of daily nutrition.

Specific effects: improve the patient’s appetite; enhance the patient’s nutrition, hematopoietic and immune functions; improve mobility and quality of life; significantly improve the body’s nutritional status; shorten hospitalization time and save medical costs; promote physical recovery.

Applicable objects

◆Those who cannot get enough calories from normal diet

Those who are recuperating before and after surgery, during and after illness

Those who have lost appetite and physical strength

Those who are undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy

Those who are malnourished or lactose intolerant

Other people who have special requirements for nutrition supplementation

Ansol has the following characteristics.

A complete and balanced nutritional formula with 28 different vitamins and minerals, providing sufficient nutrition to be used as the sole or supplemental source of nutrition.

Lactose free, isotonic and well tolerated by the patient’s intestinal tract.

Good taste, low price, good patient compliance.

Very low cholesterol, contributing to cardiovascular health.

High quality protein formula that helps synthesis, promotes tissue growth and repair, helps improve patient fitness and prevents weight loss.

Clinical evidence of effectiveness in reducing weight loss and reducing the chance of surgical infection.

Thus Ensure is.

A nutritional supplement program to help surgical patients recover quickly and be discharged from the hospital as early as possible.

A nutritional supplementation program to help elderly people recover quickly and maintain their energy levels.

A nutritional supplement to help tumor patients adhere to radiotherapy and recover quickly.

Abbott Ensure provides 250 grams of calories in one cup

Abbott Ensure is a very good enteral nutritional supplement, not a drug, not a substitute for drug treatment.

In addition to providing protein, fat, sugar, 14 vitamins and 14 minerals required by the human body.
Abbott Amino does not contain lactose and will not cause diarrhea due to lactose intolerance. Therefore, if you cannot drink milk, you can replace it with Abbott Amino.
The fat source of Abbott Ensure is vegetable corn oil, which is very low in cholesterol, easy to digest and absorb, and will not cause burden to the body.

Abbott —- is the most cost effective enteral nutrition formula:

Ansol is the world’s most widely used No. 1 nutrition brand with comprehensive and balanced nutrients, low price and high cost performance, Ansol is well tolerated in the intestinal tract, can enhance immunity and prevent weight loss.
(1)Ansol has been marketed in the United States for more than 30 years, and is also the first professional enteral nutrition formula marketed in China, which has been published in the U.S. physician’s handbook.
(2) Enso has been used in China for many years, and the clinical efficacy, taste and gastrointestinal acceptability of Enso have been confirmed, and it is included in the National Basic Drug List, and the formulation standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia about enteral nutrition is comparable to Enso.

(3) Ensure can be used to supplement nutrition, increase the intake of calories and nutrients, and maintain a normal nutritional status. In addition, Ensure can completely or partially replace the diet to control or reduce the intake of calories and nutrients.

Place of shipment: Italy

Product Specifications: 850g

Applicable stage: Adult


Ansol is gluten and lactose free, strictly prohibited for parenteral (injectable) use, and should not be used by children under 4 years of age. After opening the can, please use it within three weeks, cover the can tightly and place it in a cool and dry place, but not in the refrigerator. The prepared liquid Ensure should be used immediately or placed in the refrigerator with a lid and used up within 24 hours. This product contains sugar, but it is not very high, diabetic patients can use it in moderation, but should not rely on it, please consult your local doctor for details.



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